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Tempat Lahir Roma, Lazio, Italia
Ulang tahun 1940-09-07
Juga dikenal sebagai Sirio Bernadotte
다리오 아르젠토


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Dario Argento (born 7 September 1940) is an Italian film director, producer, film critic and screenwriter. He is best known for his work in the horror film genre during the 1970s and 1980s, particularly in the subgenre known as giallo, and for his influence on modern horror films.


2020L'ultimo uomo che dipinse il cinema as Himself
2019Boia, maschere e segreti: l’horror italiano degli anni sessanta
2019All the Colors of Giallo as Himself
2018Friedkin Uncut as Himself
2018Cult of Terror as Himself
2017Dark Glamour: The Blood and Guts of Hammer Productions as Himself - Filmmaker
2016Blood on Méliès' Moon
2016Yellow Fever: The Rise and Fall of the Giallo as Himself
2014Nessuno Siamo Perfetti as Himself
2013Du sang sur la neige
2012Horror Europa with Mark Gatiss as Himself
2012Der Fall der vier Fliegen as Himself (Archive footage 2002)
2011Fulci Flashbacks: Reflections on Italy's Premiere Paura Protagonist as Self
2010L'ultimo gattopardo - Ritratto di Goffredo Lombardo as Himself
2008The Making of 'Mother of Tears' as Self
2008A Dark Fairy Tale as himself
2006Tempus fugit
2005Ban the Sadist Videos! as Himself
2004Mario Bava: Operazione paura as Himself
2004Non risponde più as Himself
2002Masters of Horror as Dario Argento
2001Sergio Leone: cinema, cinema as Himself
2001Conducting Dario Argento's 'Opera'
2001Suspiria 25th Anniversary as Himself
2000Dario Argento: An Eye for Horror as Himself
1997Il museo degli orrori di Dario Argento as Himself
1996Bits & Pieces
1992Innocent Blood as Paramedic
1991Fear in the Dark as Himself
1991Dario Argento: Master of Horror as Himself
1989This Is Horror as Himself
1987Opera as Narrator (voice)
1985Bellissimo: Images of the Italian Cinema as Himself
1985Dario Argento's World of Horror as Himself
1982Tenebre as Narrator (Italian version) / Murderer's Hands (uncredited)
1980Inferno as Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
1977Suspiria as Narrator (voice)
1966Pardon, Are You for or Against? as Priest (uncredited)
Dario Argento's Monkey Business: The Making of Phenomena as Himself

Peran lainnya

2020Black Glasses - Director
2020Black Glasses - Screenplay
2018Suspiria - Characters
2018Suspiria - Original Film Writer
2015Macbeth - Director
2012Dracula 3D - Director
2012Dracula 3D - Writer
2010Giallo - Director
2010Giallo - Screenplay
2007The Mother of Tears - Director
2007The Mother of Tears - Producer
2007The Mother of Tears - Writer
2006Pelts - Director
2005Jenifer - Director
2005Do You Like Hitchcock? - Director
2005Do You Like Hitchcock? - Writer
2004The Card Player - Director
2004The Card Player - Producer
2004The Card Player - Screenplay
2004The Card Player - Story
2001Sleepless - Director
2001Sleepless - Producer
2001Sleepless - Screenplay
2001Sleepless - Story
2000Scarlet Diva - Producer
1998The Phantom of the Opera - Director
1998The Phantom of the Opera - Screenplay
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1996The Wax Mask - Story
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1996The Stendhal Syndrome - Producer
1996The Stendhal Syndrome - Story
1996The Stendhal Syndrome - Writer
1993Trauma - Director
1993Trauma - Producer
1993Trauma - Writer
1991The King of Ads - Director
1991The Sect - Producer
1991The Sect - Writer
1990Two Evil Eyes - Director
1990Two Evil Eyes - Executive Producer
1990Two Evil Eyes - Screenplay
1989The Church - Producer
1989The Church - Screenplay
1989The Church - Story
1988Trussardi Action X Dario Argento - Director
1987Opera - Director
1987Opera - Producer
1987Opera - Writer
1986Demons 2 - Producer
1986Demons 2 - Writer
1985Demons - Producer
1985Demons - Screenplay
1985Phenomena - Director
1985Phenomena - Producer
1985Phenomena - Screenplay
1985Phenomena - Story
1982Tenebre - Director
1982Tenebre - Screenplay
1980Inferno - Director
1980Inferno - Screenplay
1980Inferno - Story
1978Dawn of the Dead - Editor
1978Dawn of the Dead - Music
1978Dawn of the Dead - Script Consultant
1977Suspiria - Director
1977Suspiria - Original Music Composer
1977Suspiria - Screenplay
1975Deep Red - Director
1975Deep Red - Writer
1973The Five Days - Director
1973The Five Days - Writer
1972Man Called Amen - Writer
1971Four Flies on Grey Velvet - Director
1971Four Flies on Grey Velvet - Screenplay
1971Four Flies on Grey Velvet - Story
1971The Cat o' Nine Tails - Director
1971The Cat o' Nine Tails - Screenplay
1971The Cat o' Nine Tails - Story
1970The Bird with the Crystal Plumage - Director
1970The Bird with the Crystal Plumage - Writer
1969Season of the Senses - Writer
1969The Five Man Army - Screenplay
1969Legion of the Damned - Screenplay
1969Possibility Zero - Writer
1969One Night at Dinner - Screenplay
1969Cemetery Without Crosses - Writer
1968Once Upon a Time in the West - Story
1968The Sexual Revolution - Screenplay
1968Commandos - Screenplay
1968Commandments for a Gangster - Screenplay
1968Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die! - Writer
1967Every Man Is My Enemy - Additional Writing
1966Pardon, Are You for or Against? - Writer
La puerta en la oscuridad - Director
The Sandman - Director


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