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Tempat Lahir Dessau, Germany
Ulang tahun 1962-09-08
Beranda Mengunjungi
Juga dikenal sebagai 托马斯·克莱舒曼
토마스 크레취만
Томас Кречман
Τόμας Κρέτσμαν


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Thomas Kretschmann (born 8 September 1962) is a German actor best known for playing Leutnant Hans Von Witzland in the 1993 film Stalingrad, Hauptmann Wilm Hosenfeld in The Pianist, Hermann Fegelein in Der Untergang, and Captain Englehorn in the 2005 remake of King Kong.


2019Discarnate as Dr. Andre Mason
2019Dragged Across Concrete as Lorentz Vogelmann
2018Balloon as Oberstleutnant Seidel
2017A Taxi Driver as Peter
2017The Saint as Rayt Marius
2017Stratton as Grigory Barovsky
2017Jungle as Karl
2016Four Against the Bank
2016Central Intelligence as The Buyer
2016The Blue Mauritius as Holtz
2015Hitman: Agent 47 as Le Clerq
2015Avengers: Age of Ultron as Baron Wolfgang von Strucker
2014United Passions as Horst Dassler
2014Plastic as Marcel
2014The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden as Friedrich Ritter
2014Captain America: The Winter Soldier as Baron Wolfgang von Strucker (uncredited)
2013Stalingrad as Kapitan Kan
2013Open Grave as Lukas
2012Dracula 3D as Dracula
2012Resident Evil: Retribution as Major Tom Caine (archive footage)
2011Hostel: Part III as Flemming
2011What a Man as Jens
2011Cars 2 as Professor Z (voice)
2011Jungle Child as Vater Klaus Kuegler
2011The Big Bang as Frizer
2010Die Grenze as Maximilian Schnell
2010The Sinking of the Laconia as Admiral Dönitz
2009Rabbit Without Ears 2 as Thomas Kretschmann
2009Romy as Harry Meyen
2009Separation City as Klaus Becker
2009The Young Victoria as King Leopold
2008Valkyrie as Otto Ernst Remer
2008Mogadischu as Captain Jürgen Schumann
2008The Sea Wolf as Wolf Larssen
2008Wanted as Cross
2008Transsiberian as Myassa
2007Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps as Paul
2007Eichmann as Adolf Eichmann
2007In Tranzit as Max
2007Next as Mr. Smith
2007Wild Chicks in Love as Herr Slättberg
2006Recreating the Eighth Wonder: The Making of 'King Kong' as Himself
2006Grimm Love as Oliver Hartwin
2006The Celestine Prophecy as Wil
2005King Kong as Captain Englehorn
2005Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II as Pope John Paul II
2005In Enemy Hands as Ludwig Cremer
2005Snowland as Aron
2004My Father, Rua Alguem 5555 as Hermann M.
2004Frankenstein as Victor Helios
2004Resident Evil: Apocalypse as Major Cain
2004Downfall as SS-Gruppenführer Hermann Fegelein
2004The Karate Dog as Gerber
2004Head in the Clouds as Major Thomas Bietrich
2004Immortal as Alcide Nikopol
2003Der Solist - Kuriertag as Philip Lanart
2002The Pianist as Captain Wilm Hosenfeld
2002Der Solist - In eigener Sache as Philip Lanart
2002Blade II as Damaskinos
2001Ein tödliches Wochenende as Christian
2001Der Solist - Niemandsland as Philip Lanart
2001Feindliche Übernahme - althan.com as Robert Fernau
2001The Knights of the Quest as Vanni delle Rondini
2000U-571 as Capt. Lt. Gunther Wassner
2000Poison as Johnny Krieger
1999Die Diebin as Tim
1999Der Solist – Kein Weg zurück as Philip Lanart
1999Esther as König Xerxes
1999Der Tod in deinen Augen as Billy Tanauer
1998Coppia omicida as Domenico
1998Girl's Trap – Death Comes Online as Magnus Sieber
1997Prince Valiant as Thagnar
1997The Princess and the Pauper as Migal
1997Total Reality as Commander Tunis
1996Marching in Darkness as Gianni Tricarico
1996The Stendhal Syndrome as Alfredo Grossi
1995Wir zusammen allein mit dir as Wolf Jensen
1995Ich liebe den Mann meiner Tochter as Michael
1995Women as Franck
1995Anna - Im Banne des Bösen as Stephan Richter
1995Brennendes Herz as Junger Gustav Regler
1995Tödliche Besessenheit as Sebastian Goebel
1994Queen Margot as Nançay
1994Jenseits der Brandung as Paul Augustin
1993Die Ratte as Sven
1993Stalingrad as Leutnant Hans von Witzland
1992The Warrior's Heart as Lt. Maximillian Lüdt
1992Shining Through as Mann in Zürich
1991Rothenbaumchaussee as o.A.
1989Der Mitwisser as Paul
1985Westler as Soldat
Emperor as Jakob Fugger 'The Bank of Europe
The Stalking Moon as Aurick Fenstermacher
Waiting for Anya


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