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⁣I came all the way back to MapleStory

Agustus 13 '18 | By Bale
⁣I came all the way back to MapleStory
An hour passed quietly. The virtual whole world of MapleStory, where players fight monsters for Maplestory M Mesos , trade and barter with newly-made friends, pick the latest bling, and level curse after curse at each other, buzzed on.

"Shit!" Liu yelled, suddenly furious.

The vulnerability that this two had so furiously aimed to exploit have been released to your public by using a post while on an unofficial MapleStory website, vastly raising the chances that Nexon could and would trace and undo their work. Frantic, Liu searched the leaker for getting him for taking down the post.

The leaker, it proved, would be a hacker friend named Miles, who had released the dupe in retaliation — another hacker had spread Miles' dupe, and for that reason Miles had released it for Maplestory M Mesos for sale , essentially destroying any value the manner had had.

Liu sagged in their chair, exhausted. He knew which the chances of keeping his valuable virtual items had dropped drastically.
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